Client Relationship Summary



As our partner colleague, we celebrate wins together. We’re here to manage your clients’ investment accounts, allowing you more time for personal client interactions and business expansion.


As a partner colleague, you are liberated to concentrate on your primary mission: delivering the personalized care your clients deserve.

Our proactive account-management ensures our seasoned professionals remain actively involved, from market opening to close. They vigilantly scrutinize real-time market events and their potential influence on your clients’ portfolios.

Explore our diverse portfolio strategies, encompassing asset allocation, tactical, and income strategies, among others. Uncover more about our available model portfolios below.


At LVZ, you are more than just a partner; you are our esteemed colleague of choice. Our unwavering commitment revolves around collaboratively elevating your business, empowering you to amplify your client services. As a partner colleague, you gain access to a seasoned team poised to assist you in navigating pivotal business decisions that lay the foundation to innovate and scale.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to support your growth journey:

  • Economist reports
  • LVZ Monthly Market Recap for client use
  • Quarterly conference calls featuring market and portfolio updates
  • Customized staff/team education
  • Weekly market, operations, and compliance updates via email
  • Client conference calls with LVZ financial professionals
  • Business acquisition or transition planning
  • Collective partner colleague in-person event annually 
  • Financial planning consulting with LVZ partners

Marketing Resources

Partnered with a dedicated in-house marketing professional, we craft strategies and endeavors that amplify your connection with current and potential clients. From idea generation, to brand positioning and strategy execution, our team will bring your brand to life while abiding by important compliance regulations.

We offer turn-key marketing solutions and services such as: 

  • Virtual & in-person client events
  • Client-approved marketing materials and proposals 
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Web-site development
  • Design support
  • Annual marketing strategy
  • Client satisfaction assessments
  • Video, photo, and audio assets



National Network Hometown Values

At LVZ, when you partner with us – you become part of our network of preferred colleagues across the country. United by our values to deliver a hyper-personalized client experiences in differentiating niche markets provides diverse perpsectives to gain insights from.



Comprised of 80-100% equities with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents.

Comprised of 60-80% equities with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents.

Comprised of 40-60% equities with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents.

Comprised of up to 20-40% equities with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents.


Comprised of fixed income securities and may include, to a lesser degree, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, and alternative investments.

Comprised of up to 100% equities with higher concentration in certain sectors at times and may utilize alternative asset classes.

Designed for investors seeking capital appreciation using individual stocks.

Seeks a high-income stream by using a diversified portfolio of income-generating ETFs and mutual funds.

Seeks to utilize technical analysis in a rules-based approach to allocate assets among multiple equity and/or fixed-income vehicles.


Reach out to start a conversation about joining our network of esteemed partner colleagues. 

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